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Stazione di Topolò _ Postaja Topolove
11 - 20 july 2014

Thursday, July 10th
Open Gardens. Start of the workshops
until Sunday, July 13th Tamburo di terra | Earth drum
Sound workshop, held by Enrico Malatesta
until Sunday, July 13th Music in the lagers
Workshop on Concentration camp music, held by Davide Casali
Friday, July 11th
around 6pm_ eminent words for the 21st edition of Stazione-Postaja
follows Inauguration of the Little Free Library
created by Diego Lorenzo Zanitti
not accidentally with
Romano Vecchiet
Binari d’Europa (Railroads of Europe) - train journeys through libraries and stations
with the dark, at the cinema Cre(azione) | Cre[a(c)tion]
audio-video performance
by Paride Di Stefano, Elvis Šahbaz, Davorin Marc
in collaboration with Kino Otok Izola Cinema
follows Šuolni iz Trsta | The shoes from Trieste
a short film by Gregor Božič
filmed in Benečija
from Friday until Sunday the 13th, in an indoor space Idiot
a video by Niko Novak
from Friday until Sunday the 13th Archivio dello spazio | Archive of space
a visual and sound archive of Topolò
created by the youngsters of Postaja
from Friday until Sunday the 13th
in the Embassy of Norway
ten years of Vrnitev (2004-2014)
112 one-minute-videos for a return to Topolo
from Friday until Sunday the 20th ToBe Continued 2014
music from Topolò all around the world and back
recording from March 24th 2014
curated by the Global Health Incubator
Saturday, July 12th  
around 5pm_ Dotik Sadje sonca
ancient and local fruits
writer and film director Gregor Božič presents his book
at dusk, in the church Lacrimae
a concert of English 17th century music
Stefania Masutti-soprano, Kiriko Mori-soprano,
Antonella Sabetta-mezzosoprano, Rika Murata-viola da gamba e lirone, Massimo Trivelloni-liuto rinascimentale
with the dark, at the cinema Il ritmo dell’acqua | the rhythm of water
a project by Claudio Montanari
video-concert for white noise and wind instruments
with Antonio Della Marina and Claudio Montanari
follows Karpopotnik
a movie by Matjaž Ivanišin
Sunday, July 13th  
during the afternoon, in the old school I temporali dell’anima | soul storms
by Giancarlo Gesser
Tibetan bells, drum and readings
around 6pm_ Dotik Bells: a denied musical writing
with musicologists Claudio Montanari and Giancarlo Gesser
follows Koderjana VII _ a book written in Topolò
Čečica, motnjena od ljubezni _ Čečica, shaken in love
by Barbara Korun
at dusk, in the Juliova house Music in the lagers
outcomes of the workshop on concentration camp music
in collaboration with Viktor Ullmann Festival
at night For solo drum
concert by Enrico Malatesta
Tuesday, July 15th  
at dusk_ Voices from the waiting room encounter with poet Chiara Catapano
with the dark, at the cinema live cinema
Afghanistan 1969

Home Movies - ANFF
live music by Renato Rinaldi, Mirko Cisilino and Roberto Fabrizio
curated by the Topology Institute of Topolo
Wednesday, July 16th
a day curated by the Global Health Incubator of Topolo
From the afternoon Figurestreet...
for whom did he think he would have played
with Gabriella Ferrari
at dusk Narrative medicine
encounter with Nicoletta Suter and Anna Vallerugo
with the dark, at the cinema The special need
a film by Carlo Zoratti
encounter with the protagonists Enea Gabino and Alex Nazzi
from the morning, until Saturday, July 19th 50 years of In C (1964-2014)
Topolovska Minimalna Orkestra open workshop
directed by Antonio Della Marina
Thursday, July 17th  
around 5pm_ Dotik a chat on improvisation music with Tiziana Bertoncini
follows_ Voices from the waiting room in collaboration with the international poetry festival "Acque di acqua" encounter with Rok Alboje, Claudio Grisancich, Azzurra D'Agostino, Roberto Cescon
Musical interventions by the students of "C.Percoto" Musical Lyceum of Udine
presentation of the magazine Almanacco del Ramo d’Oro
with Gabriella Musetti
with the dark_ Rami vivi | Living Branches. Topolò Dordolla New Wild
a project by Christopher Thomson
Renato’s plan
a video by Anja Medved
at night Postaja Crossing
Michele Spanghero-double bass and... surprise guest!
from Thursday until Sunday, July 20th a hundred years from its first publication
Canti Orfici
, Dino Campana
an installation by Patrizio Esposito
voice by Claudio Morganti
Friday, July 18th  
around 6pm_ Dotik a chat with sound-artist Martin Janíček
follows Architecture naturalle
hidden sounds and images from the village of Topolò
by Jez riley French and Phoebe riley Law
with the dark, concert in the main square Les Tambours de Topolò
present their new EP: LTdT
follows, at the cinema TIR
a film by ALberto Fasulo
encounter with the director and the protagonist, Branko Završan
with pitch dark Oniric Cabaret
by Tiziana Bertoncini
with Matilde Malnati, Francesca Zanchi and Tiziana Bertoncini
from Thursday until Sunday 5 short films from Topolò
by Jez riley French
Pesem nekega časa
the young Balkan cinema
short films by Ivan Salatić and Stefan Ivančić
in colaboration with Kino Otok - Izola Cinema
Saturday, July 19th  
at 9am on the steps of Carlo Emilio Gadda
a walk with Prof. Paola Italia
curated by Pro Loco Nediške Doline
around 5pm S.L.S.S. Sound Local Specific Space
intallation-concert by Martin Janíček
for self-made instruments and environmental sounds
follows_ Voices from the waiting room Balkan Circus, encounter with angelo Floramo
with the dark, at the cinema An Anarchist Life
a film by Ivan Bormann and Fabio Toich
follows I ponti di Sarajevo | Bridges of Sarajevo
1914-2014: Europe seen from a city
thirteen directors for a collective movie
(2014; 114')
curated by Gianfilippo Pedote
Sunday, July 20th  
around 10am Kamani Guorjo/Stones reading
a walk with stories along the ancient terrains
in the afternoon Na robu | on the edge
observation and listening of the landscape
a project curated by the youngstes of Postaja
follows They called it Tabogan
Oral history of the Italcementi factory in Cividale
a historical research by Tommaso Chiarandini
at dusk Lep pozdrav In C (1964-2014)
InC, Terry Riley
Topolovska Minimalna Orkestra in concert
with the dark Mafia tales
civil theatre
with Pif and Lirio Abbate

Stazione di Topolò - Postaja Topolove XXI edition

with the patronage of
Comune di Grimacco

with the contribution of
Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia - Assessorato alla cultura
Comunità Montana Torre, Natisone e Collio

with the support of
Lilly MDR-TB Partnership
Pro Loco Nediške Doline - Valli del Natisone

in collaboration with
Tucker film
C.E.C. Udine
Kino Otok Izola Cinema
Arnaldo Liberati
K.D. Ivan Trinko

the participation to all workshops and the entrance to all events is free

organization Associazione Topolò - Topoluove
artistic coordination Donatella Ruttar, Moreno Miorelli
Voci dalla Sala d'Aspetto | Voices from the waiting room is curated by Michele Obit
technical director Valerio Bergnach

contacts (+39) 0432 731818; (+39) 335 5643017; (+39) 335 1858413;

Download the programme in .pdf


a movie by Matjaž Ivanišin

It was about 1970, at the peak of the Yugoslavian ‘Black Wave’ when the young filmmaker Karpo Godina decided to travel with his camera through the flat hinterland of Vojvodina. As village was linked to village, an unusual road movie emerged. The multi-ethnic character of the region was translated into a wide variety of faces, languages and customs. The title: Imam jednu kucu (I Have a House).
Unfortunately, as time passed, only a few fragments of this original film were preserved. Forty years later, another filmmaker embarks on the same journey with his camera through this flat landscape in the footsteps of the young Karpo Godina. With fragments of the original material, using Super-8 and suitable folk music, a film in dreams emerges. This makes Karpotrotter into a more than successful homage to an idiosyncratic director. A film about Karpo Godina, without Karpo Godina.

Archives of Space

curated by the youngsters of Postaja

The video has been made by the boys and girls who attended the Archivio dell Spazio workshop in 2013 held by Massimo Croce, Alessandro Ruzzier and Carlo Andreasi.
It is a proper archive of photographic images and sound recorded in the houses of Topolò, both outdoor and indoor.
A website collects the archive:

10 years of Vrnitev

In 2004, to celebrate Stazione's 10th anniversary we decide to ask to the artists that had contributed to Stazione until then to create a symbolic comeback using a one-minute-video. We got 112 answers.
The premiere took place at the same time, 9pm, in more than 60 places around the world, on may 15th. Each screening was curated by the authors themselves, in very diverse situations: museums, private houses, galleries, pubs etc.
On that occasion, Stazione released a double dvd which we now present again.

Inauguration of the Little Free Library

Little Free Library is a "take a book, return a book" gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share.


It is the work of three artists, both a project and a performative act. It is a video work on creation, on man and the universe by artist Paride Di Stefano and film-maker Davorin Marc. The video becomes a musical score, performed live by musician Elvis Šahbaz  and Paride Di Stefano.

A tale that expands time and carves a space between compulsive rhythms and sidereal harmonies . A story that is perpetual motion between beauty and mystery, reality and ideas. A work that builds landscapes  of the soul, to get lost and find yourself again. 

Šuolni iz Trsta | The shoes from Trieste

a short film by Gregor Božič
starring Dora Ciccone and Luisa Battistig
(Slovenja/Germany; 12')

An old woman looking back upon her youth recalls a moment of fleeting elegance in a time of post-war misery. A simple story recounts the fate of a community on the Italo-Slovene border.
The film has been shot in the winter season in Topolò and its surroundings.

Earth drum

a workshop held by Enrico Malatesta

With Earth Drum I’d like to share with the boys and girls of Stazione my last two years of research on rudiments and on phantom sounds generated with simple gestures.
I can’t get over this word...I want the simplest thing to be useful in translating what surrounds me, through the sound of my drum and I want it to be meaningless, without pity.

Enrico Malatesta (1985) is a percussionist active in the field of contemporary music and his personal research is aimed to extend the sonic and multi­material possibilities of percussion instruments through simple gestural techniques, able to realize complex polyrhythmic thicknesses and multiple information that exist between performer, space and instrument.

Narrative medicine

Nicoletta Suter and Anna Vallerugo

We use our narrative abilities every day, to tell ourselves to the others, to say something about us, about our past and also our expectations for the future. Likewise, a patient tells the doctor his "sickness history", which is the truest and comprehensive account of his disease. Today, in an age in which medicine has achieved extraordinary technological goals and the concept of an evidence-based medicine is widespread, a need to recover a relationship between doctor and patient has arisen. A relation in which the telling of one’s pathology to his doctor is considered as valuable as the clinical symptoms of his disease.
This Narrative Based Medicine not only refers to the patient’s past, but also to the past of the doctor and the relation between them.

Nicoletta Suter is Head of the Centre of Educational Activities at the Oncological Center (CRO)of Aviano, where she specializes in planning and organizing formative events. At the CRO Aviano she also promotes an introduction to Narrative Medicine in training programs, to improve the listening of others and ourselves.

Sadje Sonca | Sun Fruit

Text by Gregor Božič, illustrations by Barbara Ogrič Markež.

The monograph casts a light on the priceless cultural and natural heritage of the Goriška Brda area. The book features 63 illustrations of diverse fruits, describes their characteristics and reports several memories linked to them, gathered among the elderly inhabitants of the area.
The very first results of the research had already shown a risk of extinction for many species of fruit trees. Božič himself started planting in his orchard ancient fruit species, which were then taken into consideration also by local farmers.

Music in the lager

Concentration camp music workshop
held by Davide Casali
in collaboration with "Viktor Ullmann" Festival

The "Viktor Ullmann" Festival wants to rediscover composers and authors of the music that has been once defined as "degenerate" and is dedicated to the great Czech composer Viktor Ullman, highest example of "Concentration camp music". Ullmann composed and reviewed concerts in the camp of Terezin, where he lived the cultural life with great commitment and dedication.
The festival has a compulsory stop in Topolò (which hosted a very active Jewish community in the past) and instead of a simple concert decides for a workshop. The youngsters of Topolò and its surroundings will have a chance to discover, learn and perform for the public a repertoire of music written by the many composers that were confined and often killed in concentration camps, or by those who had to escape and migrate due to their religious belief. This workshop aims at passing on to the new generations both the horror of one of the worst diseases of the past century and the value of music and art in general, beauty and all the values that can overcome even situations of unspeakable bestiality.

Davide Casali directs this Festival and holds the workshop. Casali is a musician, ethnomusicologist and composer from Triest, involved since many years in the rediscovery of rare music scores and in the study of Hebrew Culture.

ONIRIC CABARET, or Topolò and the dream

Tiziana Bertoncini - violin
Matilde Malnati - cello
Francesca Zanchi - violin

Topolò as an imaginary, fantastic, dreamlike place. A place that is real and unreal, magic and concrete. During the past years I tried many times, in my dreams, to reach the village. And this "dreamlike village" is always transfigured when compared to the real one: it is beautiful or terrible, overlooking the sea, traffic congested, labyrinthine, a fortress.
And it is from dreaming, as a state of mind, that this nocturne musical theatre for three Figures -two violins and a cello- takes its form. A shadow-play on the edge of silence and darkness. Nothing is as it seems, everything slips away... elusively...
When? With pitch dark.

Tiziana Bertoncini graduated in classical violin at Siena Conservatory and painting at the Fine Arts’ Academy in Carrara.
After being playing in orchestras and chamber music ensembles, she focused on contemporary music, written and improvised. Her work is oscillating between a personal research on the instrument and its sound possibilities, towards composition and collaboration with artists of other medias. At the same time her interest is focused on the crossing and synthesis between visual elements and music/sound.

Udine Jazz Collective

Remembering Topolò
Notes from a poem

What happens when a group of young musicians and their favorite poets remember a place the’ve never been to?
Verses become the fulcrum on which rhythm, melody and improvisation fold up, to revive through the windows of the village, resonating between its houses, in the words of villagers and visitors, unconscious scenery of a unique composition.

The ensemble Udine Jazz Collective was born from the "Jazz music ensemble" courses held by Glauco Venier at "J.Tomadini" Conservatory of Udine. The goal is to give a chance to the jazz course students to experiment and deepen their contemporary ensemble experience. Over the years, many students have taken turns on the instruments, to then leave room for the newcomers; UJC is an elastic, constantly evolving ensemble, occasionally enriched by collaborations with special guests.

Martin Martin Janíček, Praha

S.L.S.S. (Specific Local Sound Sources)

"I would like to bring my recent instrument and develop a piece in Topolo.  This  means I would work in the village, recording sounds, finding other - specific local sound sources- materials, and also acoustic places between houses, etc...
the result should be installation with use of my instrument, but played in new conditions  with new materials and also new context".

Martin Janicek, sound-artist, sculptor, musician and sound designer works in the field of exploration of acoustic qualities of various materials-new music instrument-builder. Born in 1961, lives in Prague.